A downloadable The Knights Legacy for Windows and Linux


In this rpg game you set on an adventure to find the king of your realm so that he may knight you. While seeking the king you will encounter countless monsters to defeat.


You have to press espace before exiting the game. Else the game doesn't save. 

If any of the game files contain these two letters "BL" don't worry the original name of the game was Brawl League so some of the files still have that name.

Install instructions

1. Download the game version you want 

2. Open the .zip file

3. Right click the .exe file and run it

4. If it asks you to extract the file then click "extract all"

5. After this you right click the .exe file again and run it

6. Now you should be able to play the game!

If your anti-virus software tells you that the file isn't safe then don't worry you can run it anyway without getting virus(I have tested it multiple times on multiple devices with different systems  and the files do not give virus). 


TKL v.0.05(Best Version!) 28 MB
TKL v.0.04(Old version) 28 MB
TKL v.0.03(Old version) 28 MB
TKL v0.02(Old version) 28 MB
TKL v.0.01(Old version) 23 MB